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Wellness Exams are offered during regular business hours with no appointment necessary! We also recommend having your pet Heartworm tested and screened for intestinal parasites at this time. 



We carry Home Again Microchips in hospital. An appointment is not needed for your pet to be microchipped. 



We carry all required vaccinations for our patients. No appointment is needed for your pet to be vaccinated!



We schedule surgeries on Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday. Please call to set up an appointment. Rabies and Distemper Parvo boosters are required. 



Our vets are knowledgeable and equipped to handle and help with most large animal needs. Call us for more information.



We do our best to treat any and all emergency cases that come in during business hours. However, we do not offer after hours emergency services for small or large animals. 



Does your pets breath smell worse than it use to? We offer routine dental cleanings for all of our patients. Please call to schedule an appointment. 



We offer boarding for all of our dog and cat patients. Please call to make a reservation. Rabies and Distemper Parvo vaccines are required for boarding. 

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Heritage Veterinary Practice


Serving the community's veterinary needs for over 50 years. 

Berry Animal Hospital was established in 1952 by Dr. T.C. Berry who was a graduate of Auburn University's College of Veterinary Medicine. His son, Dr. William T. Berry continued the practice in 1975 after graduating also from Auburn University's College of Veterinary Medicine and the retirement of his father. The practice originated in downtown Ardmore until it was moved to its present location in 1978.  


The original practice began in a rural community predominantly treating large animals. Due to continuing growth and changes within the community, Berry Animal Hospital now serves more companion animals with limited large animal treatment. The modern day practice offers many diagnostic tools to give your pets the best possible care.


Image and description of Dr. Berry the owner.

Dr. William T. Berry

Dr. Berry was born in Athens, Alabama and graduated from Ardmore High School. He holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Animal Sciences and also a doctorate of Veterinary Medicine from Auburn University. Dr. Berry took over the family business from his father in 1975 and has been serving the community ever since. He and his wife Jackie have two daughters, four grandchildren, and a dog named Bryant.

Picture and description of Dr. Moore

Dr. Sylvia A. Moore

Dr. Moore was born in Carthage, Tennessee and graduated from Upperman High School in Baxter, Tennessee. She holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Animal Sciences with a minor in Biology and Chemistry and also a doctorate of Veterinary Medicine from Tuskeegee University. Dr. Moore has been working in the veterinary field since graduating in 2007. She and her husband Matt enjoy life on the family farm with their four horses, seven cats, two dogs, and cattle.

Picture or Dr. Acosta

Dr. Jorge Acosta

Dr. Acosta is from the Athens, AL area. He holds a Bachelor degree from Athens State University. Dr. Acosta also graduated with a doctorate of Veterinary Medicine from Auburn University in 2021. Dr. Acosta worked at Berry Animal Hospital for his preceptorship and continues to work here on the weekends. He has one dog and two cats.

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800 Dr. Joseph E. Lowery Blvd SW

Huntsville, AL 35801

Tel:  256-715-8389

Fax: 256-808-3197


We do not offer any after hours emergency services. If you do have an afters hours emergency, please contact Huntsville Veterinary Specialists and Emergency hospital in Huntsville, AL. 





28940 Elkwood Section Rd.​

Ardmore, AL 35739

Tel:  256-423-6111

Fax: 256-423-6112

7:30 AM - 12:00 PM

1:00 PM - 5:30 PM

Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, & Friday


7:30 AM - 12:00 PM

Wednesday & Saturday